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About SSL

What is SSL?
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol for encrypting and transmitting information over the Internet. SSL enables the encryption of data for the WWW system or FTP protocol, which are currently in wide use on the Internet, and the safe transmission of personal and other information where privacy is a concern.

Regarding SSL-compatible browsers
If you use Internet Explorer, or any other SSL-compatible browser, you will not need to adjust the settings because SSL is automatically enabled. If you are not using an SSL-compatible browser, you may not be able to access an SSL-secure page or input data. In addition, if you are connected to the Internet behind a firewall or corporate LAN, SSL-based communication may not be possible depending on your firewall configuration.

How to verify SSL-encrypted communication
When establishing SSL-encrypted communication, https://~ rather than http://~ will appear in the address bar and a lock mark should be displayed at the bottom right of your browser screen.